- Childbirth Education
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One-Day Seminar

This course is led by Linda B. Jenkins, R.N., one of the world's leading childbirth authorities. These all-day classes include relaxation and breathing techniques, as well as helpful resource materials.This course offers discussions of real experiences with recent moms and dads as well as a newborn bath demo. Classes are held in in a wonderful woodsy Lafayette neighborhood. Lunch and snacks are provided in the One-Day Seminar.


Refresher Course

This class by Linda B. Jenkins, R.N., is designed especially for the 'postgraduate'. Meet with others who have had this amazing learning experience before. Review the breathing but also discuss how to prepare your first born(s) for this one's arrival. Now is your opportunity to focus on this pregnancy, birth and baby.  Drinks and snacks are provided.

Continuing Education

Both of the above courses have been approved for continuing education credit. Talk with your HR person re: CPT code #99078 for reimbursement. CEU's BRN#02972

For more information or enrollment call Linda Jenkins at (925) 284 2220 (9am to 9pm PST) or email Linda at

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