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Linda Jenkins has a B.S. in nursing from the University of Florida. She teaches prepared childbirth classes using a pragmatic, modified Lamaze method and has done so since the birth of her second child in 1967. She also gives continuing education classes for R.N.s. Having served on numerous trips in Central and South America, Linda now uses her Spanish skills learned as an older adult to teach ESL as a volunteer at the Monument Crisis Center which draws from a predominately Spanish speaking community.

Her professional background includes eight years on the faculty of the University of California at San Francisco where she taught third year medical students during their obstetrical rotation. Ms Jenkins has been a consultant to a local community hospital working with nurses and doctors involved in the establishment of their alternative birth center and has recently taught prenatal exercise classes. She has several years experience in general hospital nursing, public health nursing, working in ghetto schools as a health coordinator, and doing pediatric nursing for a group of three physicians. As a nurse practitioner she also made pre-partum and post partum visits to mothers and babies. She has done surgical nursing as part of a volunteer medical team in Guatemala and recently was the nurse for 35 high school students doing a mission project for 2 weeks in Guatemala. Linda has spoken numerous times to nursing students, college students, graduate R.N.s and groups of physicians about prepared childbirth. A California college is currently using a videotape of her teaching.

Author of ‘Pregnancy, Birth & You’, she has also been intimately involved in the translation of this book into Spanish. ‘El Embarazo, El Parto Y Tu’ is now available and has been well received. Linda has produced 4 videotapes in Spanish for the pregnant Spanish speaking population. ‘Practicando Para Dar A Luz’, ‘Durante El Parto’, ‘Dar A Luz Con Amor’ and ‘S�! Se Puede’ and are now available. ‘S�! Se Puede’ is available with English or Chinese narration as ‘Yes! You Can’.

Linda has researched and filmed births in the United States, South and Central America, Europe and Japan. She has been a guest speaker on radio and television on both English and Spanish stations. With special arrangements, she supports students during their birth experience appreciating and in awe of the uniqueness of life's most precious moment.

On the 50th anniversary of the School of Nursing at the University of Florida, 4 nurses were chosen from all the graduates over those years to receive Nursing Leadership Awards. Linda Jenkins was one of the four, honored for her exemplary efforts in the field of community outreach.

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