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  • The Knowledge, caring, warmth, and kindness that my husband and I felt from taking Linda Jenkins Childbirth Prep. Class was a feeling that will stay with us for our lifetimes. We did the absolute best thing we could have done during the birth of our children. Linda prepared us perfectly for all that could have been expected. There were no surprises. She coached the coaches to coach us to the best of their ability. She is a wonderful person to know during this very special time in our lives.... and for the rest of our lives! I still use the methods I learned from her in my everyday life when I find I get a wee bit stressed. It helps throughout life as it did in birth Staci & Doug....Madison & Benny 
  • Linda's presence was of much help for both of us. It would have been different, very different if she hadn't been with us. We've read the book Pregnancy, Birth & You once, twice, re-read some pages... simple and useful. La presencia de Linda nos ayudÛ mucho. HabrÌa sido diferente, muy diferent si ella no hubiera estado con nosotros. Nosotros leÌmos el libro ‘El Embarazo, El Parto Y T™’, una vez, otra vez y re-leÌmos algunas p·ginas otra simple y ™til. Mariana & Diego.....Rocio 
  • Linda’s one-day course was perfect for my husband and I. As a two-career couple, it was impossible to coordinate our schedule for a weekly class for 4-6 weeks, and it would have been more stressful to rush over after work. Instead we were able to devote a full, relaxed day to focusing on getting ready for baby- and capped the day off with a romantic dinner. It was plenty of time to cover all the material. Some people, my husband especially, prefer to get down to the essentials as quickly as possible. The course was focused enough to keep everyone’s attention, but there was plenty of time for questions and interactions with the other expectant parents- we had so much fun we even had a reunion after the babies were born........Class of May ‘97 reunion. Anne and I just wanted to let you know that our second dtr arrived on 8/4/97. 9# 8 oz Thanks for all your help....a second time. Anne & Stuart....Melise & Natalie 
  • What I think was most valuable about your class, for me at least, wasn't the exact number of "blows" or breathing counts, but instead the preparation and realization that we would be having a baby very soon! For months we were so relaxed about the whole thing, knowing it was way off in the future at some "due date." Your class helped us, especially me, to shift gears, really focus on what my role would be in the delivery room, and feel that yes, now I was ready and prepared for the last few weeks until the birth. Your emphasis on the coaches role was excellent. Instinctively, I always felt ready to help Karen, but was MUCH better prepared after your class. Our birth was exhausting, powerful, beautiful... yes a HUUUGE event indeed! Such an incredible sacred time for us. Paul, Karen & Eliza
  • Just a note to thank you for your wonderfully helpful Lamaze/birthing course and book and send you Zachary’s ‘1 year old’ picture. My labor and delivery was greatly helped by our preparation for the events of labor and by the breathing techniques. I was able to get through all of labor and delivery with only one shot of Nubaine. This was due in large part to the ability of the breathing exercises to help me focus and relax during labor. In fact I would never have been able to wait out the arrival of my OB for the delivery (10 minutes of ‘not pushing’) if I hadn’t had the transition breathing to fall back on! Your enthusiastic and sensitive teaching style really helped us to focus on the content while enjoying the process of learning. Thanks for a wonderful class!! Jennifer and Jeff....& Zachary 
    ....... thanks to you I had some great skills to cope with the pain!  Thanks for the refresher!  Please remind your students to count on their breathing techniques - - because pain-relief may not be an option!!!! Check on Zachary's update.
  • Our first born just graduated from college. We still remember your class and the miracle of Justin’s birth. Thanks to you and congratulations on your new videos.
  • Well she’s here after 22 hr. of labor. Oh! My goodness, I feel like I could now write a book on deliveries. I’ve had the fast 4 hr labor and delivery, the C-section and now the long 22 hour long hard version. But I survived using our wonderful Lamaze breathing techniques. We very much enjoyed your class and it was a great experience for Hal. He was not sure what to expect but in deed learned a great deal. It is troubling to me how common and accepted the epidural has become. It’s as though it is the new wave and is used without much thought at all. I have heard so many people say why endure the pain if you don’t have to especially when the hospitals recommend it so quickly. I feel as if people are not considering the downsides as they should and the upside on the hospital’s side to medicate as many mothers as they can. i.e. work and compensation on their part.  Angela & Hal 
  • Linda, you’re simply the best!! Couldn’t have done it without you!!! Kristen & Jim.....and Matthew, Kevin & Lindsey
  • Linda’s approach to childbirth preparation is to cover all the options for birthing in a non-judgmental manner. As a pediatrician myself, I felt her discussion was very balanced, so that couples would feel comfortable with their own choices, but open to other options that they may not have previously considered or that become necessary due to a difficult delivery. Her course is appropriate, whether you choose to deliver with a midwife at home or are highly invested in the modern medical approach to childbirth in giving enough information to make informed decisions. I also was impressed that Linda included in her discussion health promotion topics in regards to late pregnancy, emotional adjustments, circumcision, and newborn care, including everyone’s favorite part- real babies and proud new parents for a bath demonstration and to share their experiences. ‘Pregnancy, Birth & You’ was very helpful for preparation before class and there are charts in the back to guide your coach when the blessed event is more imminent. Kate & Craig.....Juliet 
  • My wife had a long labor, 47 hours. Linda provided support both during the early stages when we weren’t really sure what to expect and during the third stage when things got pretty intense. She didn’t force her views on us but let us make our own decisions and provided counsel that gave us confidence that we made good choices. Tom & Kelly....Fiona 
  • I WAS GLAD I WAS IN CONTROL at least more than the poor mom-to-be in the next room who had had some kind kind of injection and was now yelling deliriously. It was almost time. We were in the hospital. We were prepared, we thought. As far as we could we were determined to be an awake and active participant of the birth. This birth was not just going to happen we wanted to help make it happen. Before leaving for Japan, Linda (Becky) Jenkins, my sister-in-law had encouraged my husband & I to practice Lamaze. This was exciting not only for me but it meant that Isao could coach & then be allowed into the delivery room. Isao got the breathing immediately. It was easy he said. I needed more practice and concentration. I found that it was great to apply these techniques at the dentist. I’d say to myself, "OK deep cleansing breath….relax" & I never minded that my dentist did not use Novocain. Stuck in traffic & other stressful situations, I concentrated on my breathing. It was fortunate for Isao to know the training because we were sharing labor. Once inside the delivery room he was the bulkhead of our stability. For me the hours of training meant I was active & alert; able to hold my baby on my breast immediately. We liked Linda’s Lamaze so much we did it five times, 4 boys & a girl. The first was 12 hours of labor. The last, I drove us to the hospital, climbed the stairs and went into the delivery room. I was in control……. Robin, Isao & Gou 
  • Linda Jenkins is a gem of a Lamaze teacher. We had 3 children over an 8 year span and went to classes given by Linda each time. She provided excellent knowledge and skills in a fun environment. We were well prepared for our delivery experiences. Connie, Joe &… Jeremy 
  • Even grandmothers get into it!! When our grandson was threatening to arrive several weeks early our wonder friend Linda drove 90 miles to give a personal ‘Lamaze’ class. Linda’s joy in each birth is so filled with love and knowledge. I must have asked her hundreds of questions as I prepared to become a grandmother again My daughter & her husband drove 65 miles to come to one of Linda’s scheduled classes even though they were taking one close to home as well. . How special & lucky for our family!! Maral & Cliff....Jake, Ryan, & Jamie 
  • We left Linda Jenkins class much more confident and ready for out labor. She creates a quietly personal atmosphere that lets you feel comfortable to ask questions. We highly recommend her class, especially for first time parent because of the small intimate setting. Her energy and obvious love of her work is just what a new parent to be needs. She explains the breathing exercises clearly and they really work!! Kim, Matt …Arienne 
  • Although I had already had a baby, it was great to take Linda’s refresher Lamaze course. My daughter was 4 ‡ years old and it’s nice to be reminded of different options. Your second delivery is usually different than your first. The refresher was quick-paced and informative and Linda made me feel like a welcome friend……Lori, Michael, Hayley & Austin 
  • Dearest, Wonderful ….We are so happy that we got to introduce you to our tiny sacred treasure. Eliza is the absolute LOVE of our lives and all we can do is stare & laugh in complete AWE at her. We want to THANK YOU!!! for your involvement in our birth experience. We felt you there!! and for your bag of ‘tricks’ We are so grateful for your important role in our lives!!! All our love & Thanks…..Paul, Karen & Eliza 
    Linda's class gave John & I the tools and understnading to experience the birth of our daughters. There is no greater gift that you could ever give to yourself, or your partner. Carol, John, Marney, & Tenley 
  • Often people asked if my daughter did her labor naturally. To that I say, "No, I have been teaching classes in our home since was 18 months old, she is a L&D nurse and she has taught childbirth preparation classes in Spanish, her husband is an OB but did she need drugs? No she had all the afore mentioned. I share her birth story here: After a very pleasant 12 hour drive yesterday (12/15) we arrived in Phoenix at Renee and Bruce's just as they were meeting to go to dinner. They suggested we join them, we did, had a wonderful meal together and a great night's sleep. At 5:30am (12/16) Renee's water broke. What a team they made!!! Not only did they know all the right things to do....they did them.!! For the next 12 hours Renee and Bruce worked like pros and got to 6cm. Don & I decorated the tree, picked up and did 'gofer' jobs. By about 5:30 PM we all headed for the hospital. By 8:50 12/16 Mikayla Grace, all 6# 2oz, made her way out of her Mom and into her Daddy's waiting hands. Grandpa Don was invited to cut the cord. What a gift to be present at birth. There was so much love in the room it was palpable. There was certainly Magic in the moment. Linda & Don.....Bruce, Renee & Mikayla Grace

    What a thrill to be once again invited to see my first born birth her second born into his Daddy's waiting hands.  This time Renée cut the cord. Check on Mikayla's baby brother.

    Nick, number 3 for this family, came so fast we were all surprised. In his welcome to our family picture he is only 3 hours old & home in the loving arms of his parents and siblings.

  • My name’s Caroline. You’ve seen me on the homepage. I was born on December 12, 1996 and now I’m all grown up (you can see my recent picture). My Mom and Dad were sure glad to have Linda with them when I was born. They also took Linda’s class right before I was born and they said that it prepared them for what was ahead! My Mom learned breathing techniques and my Dad learned how to be the best coach in the world. All of this combined to give us THE perfect start together. We knew what to expect, so we just let it happen! -Caroline (and Melissa and Gareth
  • Thanks for your incredible support during our major life event... Logan. Thanks again for ALL of the information we gained through your class. It really helped make Logan's birth a positive memory! - See Logan and Chloe 
  • Timmy was induced, starting at 9:45 am. My water was broken at 1:30 pm. Ten hours later, and three pushes, Timmy arrived at 7:49 pm - 8 pounds, 6 ounces. I used only my breathing - my husband was a CHAMP of a COACH. I had some back labor. All in all, we had a wonderful experience. We thank you for your class! - See Timmy 
  • After taking Linda's class, Steve & I decided that since this was our first child, & I had some pretty heavy anxiety about the labor, that we would use Linda as our doula.  From the time from when we took her class, to the time the baby was born, I communicated with her on a very regular basis via email...this was a 90's kind of doula-ing!  Any questions I had, or fears or problems, rather than bugging the doctor, I would email Linda.  Whe was VERY prompt & good about reading her email & responding quickly.  As the time approached, she would email me her schedule with phone #'s in case I went into labor.  Labor for me started with 2 nights of contractions & light bleeding.  Being able to talk with Linda about it reassured me that everything was normal.  She gave me suggestions to help things along.  During those nights, I was able to breathe myself through the contractions using what she had taught us. Steve & I felt very prepared.  Once I got to the hospital, I was already 9 cm's dilated.  There was no time for Linda to get to the hospital.  However, the support & knowledge she shared with us in those 6+ weeks before the birth was invaluable & contributed to the anxiety-free, fulfilling, amazing birth of our daughter......Whitney Rae.
  • Great Class!!  Thanks so much....Michaela,  Jill & Mark
  • Linda's decades of experience in childbirth preparation and the delivery room and the genuine interest in and caring she shows for all her students makes her class exceptional.  Maria's labor was long and difficult but thanks in part to Linda's training, she avoided a C-section and delivered a big, healthy, alert and beautiful baby girl in…. Anchorage, Alaska……  Maria, Devin & Clara
  • From a note from a student after a private class taught in the couple's home in Phoenix:   We had such a great experience with you.  We learned so many things that will be so helpful during labor and delivery.  Being in the healthcare fild, you would think that we were already knowledgable about the birthing process and what to expect.  But you really opened our eyes to a lot of things.  We both feel so much better about labor and delivery.  Thank you!!  .… and later wrote…I would be honored if you were to post our picture on your website.  It was such a great experience and so helpful-- I am so thankful that the Lord went us such great people to work with us through the most exciting experience of our lives.  It was such a blessed experience.  Sat down to watch Sat nite live.  Had irregular contractions x10 minutes--water broke--contractions every 2 1/2 to 3 minutes-- went directly to the hospital and delivered in a total time of 3 1/2 hours!! Joan, Michael & Julia

    Some notes following the 1/9/99 class.  The first came in a letter the day after class, the rest were anonymous:

    • "Your one day class on Lamaze was wonderful.  I really feel that I would be ready to deal with labor and delivery after your class.  You taught it in such a way that we really retained a lot of information on how to breathe and relax as well as different birthing positions.  We have already referred 2 of our pregnant friends to come to your class, saying 'It was well worth it!'  Thanks for such a wonderful day." - Connie & Gary
    • "Your class is wonderful. I really enjoyed it.  Lunch was great too.  Thank you for the great handouts too."
    • "I liked the explanation of the birthing process and the audio/visuals such as all the videos."  " I thought this class was excellent!  The videos were interesting and informative.  Your treatment of the male experience was sensitive and comforting.  Your confidence in the subject and in explaining put the class at ease.  It is clear that you are a nurse who strives for excellence.  I am happy to take this information back to Santa Cruz and share this information with others."
    • "I liked the really open atmosphere and your readiness to answer any questions plus your through coverage of emergency & medical techniques…. I especially liked the props and great handouts."
    • "Class was well-paced & I liked the alternation between talking, videos, & activities."
    • "I liked meeting the new parents & learning their real life stories."
  • She came a week early…all 6 lbs, 18.5 inches 4:29pm on 11/7.  Labor was better than we expected.  Lots of breathing!!!! Kim only pushed for 29 minutes.  Thanks for your great class.  It gave us confidence and a little mental edge that went a long way…… Kim, Sean & Erin
  • Great to meet and work with other expectant couples.  Linda's balanced and informative approach was a great way to learn about what was to come.  When Annika came 6 weeks early it was reassuring to have an experienced resource in Linda.  (pictured where they live….on their sailboat).  Kristen, Scott & Annika
  • We attended Linda's class in preparation for the birth of our first baby.  We left her class feeling much less anxious about the delivery experience.  Her wonderful collection of birth viddeos gives you a visual idea of what to expect and her book outlines all of the elements that may make up your prenatal, delivery and post-partum experience.  She made everyone in the class feel comfortable sharing concerns, and she encouraged us to stay in contact with each other.  We got more than we expected from the class…in addition to feeling prepared for the delivery of our child, we made some very good friends!! …Cristine, Bill & Alexandra
  • Our fourth pregnancy was wonderful.  In Linda's birthing classes we gained the confidence to go through another labor & delivery.  Anna's birth, has been shared with many expectant couples.  We believe saints cause miracles to happen.  Each time a mother sees the birth of Anna, I hope they will know a baby we never got to see grow up, has something to do with making this video possible.  In the pain of Laura's loss we found the courage to do something very significant.  If you take Linda's class, you'll understand more what I mean…..Sharon & Anna
  • Two daughters, two jobs and a house under construction did not allow time for weekly birth classes or much thought on the upcoming event.  Linda's class was not just an efficient and informative way to prepare for birth, it provided an opportunity to stop and re evaluate what was important in our lives….our children and the quality of our time together.  Thanks for helping make the birth of our daughter a joyous occasion!!.....Rosalie & Dena
  • Not only  is Linda a wonderful neighbor but she was an excellent 'Lamaze' teacher as well.  And look what we got!!....Diego, Judith & John
  • Linda's class provided us with Lamaze fundamentals that allowed us to apply the techniques in a way that made us feel comfortable.  We especially benefited from the examples she gave about laboring as long as possible at home. This convinced us to do the same.  As a result our labor experience was more manageable. Marci, Mike &Trevor  (* note: they used no drugs and delivered this 9 pound baby shortly after arriving at the hospital)
  • We thought so much of Linda's Lamaze class that when we heard she had mothers expecting twins in her class, we brought our one week old twins back so they could see it was possible to nurse two babies at a time, cord care, etc. I found it really useful when someone else brought in a newborn with their cord still on to our class, so I was glad we could do the same last Saturday. I'm going to keep adding more to these pages as the days go on, and I find the time to scan some more! Feel free to check them out at  Heather, Mike, Megan & Hannah
  • Linda's all day intensive 'Lamaze' class prepared me & gave me confidence in planning Jack's birth. It made it for a more positive experience.  Thank YOU!! Linda.  Carole, Jeff & Jack
  • As a photojournalist, I've taken many wonderful pictures, but here is one of my favorites.  Thanks for the great class, Linda. The Downey family
  • By the time anesthesia arrived (about 20 minutes after I arrived at the hospital) I was at 8cm.  About 10 minutes after that I was at 10cm.  Guess what, no epidural, no narcotics, no nothing! Except magsulfate, which does NOT count for  pain control.  After an hour of pushing, all 6 lbs, 5 oz of Sarah arrived into the world.  Chris was great with counting and supporting me through what seemed longer than an hour of pushing.  Other than the challenges of breast-feeding, we are all fine and a little sleep deprived, but we are loving every minute with our new baby. Sarah, Kim & Christopher
  • I was induced, due to the gestational diabetes, but only needed to have the waters broken.  I was already 95% effaced and 2 cm dilated.  The delivery was unexpectedly fast.  The waters were broken at 11:15 and I  started contractions (natural, no Pitocin needed) by 11:45.  I was fully dilated by 2:30 (no epidural, but 1cc of Stadol) so little or no time to practice many positions of other labor coping methods! Thanks for ALL you taught us, Linda!! Roberta, Mark & Nora
  • Your class really made a big difference.  Mike stayed very focused and in touch with my needs.  I used the breathing you taught us and was able to go with just that.  My water broke & labor never started.  After a day and a half they induced.  They started us out on pit at noon and she was here by 9pm.  When it was time to push, I pushed twice and she was here.  Thank you for your help.  I will recommend you in the future!! (from a note from Stacey announcing Nicole's birth)
  • My husband & I both have busy & unpredictable work schedules, so we were originally attracted to Linda's class because she offered a one day session.  Once we got there, we enjoyed other benefits too: a supportive instructor who is extremely knowledgeable, hearing first-hand tales from new parents, getting to see their adorable babies -- which made all the more impatient to "meet" ours! We had no experience handling newborns, but seeing the babies and watching Linda bathe them gave us confidence… so I'm proud to say we handled Sarah like pros! PS: Linda guessed Sarah's weight within 2 ounces.  Michael, Mary & Sarah
  • The Lamaze breathing really helped - to tell you the truth I was a little surprised how much.  We had practiced many positions with the breathing during the class and it was very natural to revert to using one of them once the contractions had started.  My favorite position during the class was the one I ended up using for most of my labor.  The class also reinforced how important the coach was and it proved true - I couldn't have done it without my coach. Jane, Margaret & Coach Paul
  • Although Amy had an epidural, we found what we learned useful.  Before she received the epidural, we used the breathing techniques to help get her through some of the early contractions.  Most of the couples we know told us that everything goes out the window when the pain starts....wrong.  We're both glad we took the class.  If you have any up coming classes, we would be happy to drop by and give encouragement.  Amy says we'll be visiting you again in three years for a refresher course......Robert, Amy & Robert
  • We delivered  medication free thanks to the superb expertise Lamaze Instruction by Linda Jenkins.  She prepared my husband to be the ULTIMATE COACH & prepared me for THE MOST CHALLENGING YET FULLFILLING  experience of a life time!!  Lynette, Sean & Sierra Rose
  • Featured here, Lindsey, Adrienne & Sean, all graduates of Lamaze training.  Thanks Linda!
  • Here at "They Grow So Fast" I see lots of cute babies but use ours to let me tell the world John did such an awesome job.  We really did use what you taught us.  It is obvious Linda cares.
  • We are quite happy with our family of four and we think of you often because we use the breathing techniques we learned almost everyday. Sometimes to keep from screaming and sometimes just because it's all so overwhelming - but we wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you again and maybe we will take your class again - later rather than sooner. John, Mary Alice, & Christopher
  • Matt & I wanted to thank you for the class yesterday, we really enjoyed ourselves!  We were worried about delivering our baby before we took the class but now that it is past us we feel much more confident & ready.  Hopefully he will be born any day now!!  We will definitely recommend you to our friends & will let you know how our birthing experience goes.  Also we would of course be willing to come back and share our story with your next class. Tiffany & Matt & James Cole  (Since this was written, the 9#2 oz baby boy was born with the breathing techniques and without the need for medication.)
  • Linda was wonderfully supportive in helping me prepare for my first unmedicated birth - that of our third child. When labor came - fast and furious - her calming techniques helped me get through the delivery of our 11 pound, 7.5 ounce baby boy, Kieran, with no episiotomy, no meds. :-) Nancy, Steve & Kieran - Come see what else Nancy does at Myria - the magazine for mothers
  • My husband and I flew all the way from Atlanta just for this class.  It was more than worth the trip!  I had to be induced 3 weeks early due to my high blood pressure and couldn't have done the 21 hours of labor and the Pitocin induced contractions without the breathing techniques you taught us.  I had the best coach because of your class!!  You taught him what to expect and how to be supportive.  We'll make sure to make the trip again for the second one!  Cyndi, Tiro & Marcus  Halloween (age 18 mos)  One more time thank you, thank you, thank you!  Your Doula support on the phone helped me from beginning and end Cyndi, Tiro, Marcus and Sierra
  • Allen and I thoroughly enjoyed Linda's great class! Her insights and knowledge helped us prepare for the blessed event and using the techniques we learned helped the birthing process immeasurably. Bryce is the most precious baby. We enjoyed the class so much that we made an encore visit with Bryce at almost six weeks of age to demonstrate bath time to a new class of expectant parents. Jo, Allen & Bryce
  • Thank you so very, very much for all your encouragement throughout this WHOLE. Beautiful, AWE-INSPIRING, Life Rebirthing experience!! look forward to sharing her with you though out the years. Erin Grandma Sally & Christina
  • Thank you for the wonderful gift of your wisdom, experience, and ability in sharing this with the group. We had a great day and learned a lot. Before attending the class, I thought that it may seem like a long day. It turns out that the day whizzed by! You did a great job of mixing different teaching techniques -- Q&A, written assignments, skits, video, demonstration, new parents, practice -- a great combination to help us to really absorb a great deal of important, relevant information. With your amazing experience, you do such a great job of sharing stories and examples to answer questions and to bring things to life. Thank you! Wendy & Pete (and baby Haws)
  • We really enjoyed the class; you have a wonderful way of providing valuable information and reassurance at the same time. We couldn't have been happier with the class experience and with you as a teacher. Thank you!! Jennifer, Matt & ???
  • Eric and I want to thank you for helping us get through the birth of our first baby. Jessica Grace was born on Friday, January 31st (one week early) at 12:50 p.m. She was 8 pounds, 9 ounces, 20.5 inches. We could not have done it without your guidance! I had my first contraction at 6:45 a.m. And it was very painful from the onset. I could swear I was already in the transition phase. However, I didn't want to get to the hospital too early so I tried to convince Eric to wait it out. He wasn't going for it so we left for the hospital. Upon arrival I discovered that I was already 8 centimeters dilated. All in all it was a pretty amazing experience. Thank you again for everything! Let us know if you need a baby for your next class. Eric & Holly
  • The "class" was great - very informative and helpful. We actually couldn't make it to the official class due to last minute pregnancy issues, so Linda drove an hour to come to our home! David + Jennifer (address for Elysia's web site:
  • I will definitely recommend your Lamaze class should any of my friends become pregnant in the future. Matt & I can't thank you enough for providing such an informative Lamaze class. Matt, Kimberly and Aiden
  • Thanks again for your support and good thoughts. I have also discovered that breathing techniques are helpful as a patient who is an RN that understands what surgeon are saying during a procedure when you, as the patient, are conscious :) Margie, Dave & Elizabeth
  • The class was most informative and helpful. We appreciated Linda's teaching us about the various stages of labor so we knew what to expect. For us, the more information we had the better prepared we were for that incredible day. Alexa, Peter & Kaia
  • I just want to thank you again for all that you did to help us through the journey of laboring this boy out! you were a perfect guide/coach/friend/advocate/encourager :) the whole process wasn't what I expected...much longer and harder! But I feel really good about all of the choices we made. and I'm just so thankful that I was surrounded by so many people who took such good care of us. Suzanne, Matt & Peter
  • 14.5 hours of labor and 50min of pushing with Petosin added for the last two hours...OUCH! Turns out I have VonWillebrands disease which is a blood clotting disorder. I found out 5 hours into labor that I would not be getting my epidural due to this disease. Needless to say I was VERY bummed! However, I am glad that it went the way it did. Tim latched 20 minutes after he was born and we have not had a problem since.  I used my breathing to get through it all and honestly, pushing him out was not the worst of the pain. The contractions themselves were the worst of it.  Thanks for teaching us how to go natural. If it hadn't been for your class I don't know how I would have made it. Timothy Leonard, born 11/1/07, 7lbs. 10oz., 20.5in. long.
  • Thanks so much for your support during my labor and the phone calls after. I know you have been updated...through it all Landon has been a delight! Thanks again for all your support! Landon's Mommy
  • I guess dilating so quickly was hard, and not having breaks was even harder. The breathing, the birthing ball, walking, and the jacuzzi tub all helped significantly. I don't know what I would have done without them! Glad we came down from Spokane for the refresher!!.... Xander and Dylan
  • Nothing is more daunting than being a first-time mother about to give birth. However, my husband and I were prepared, with our breathing techniques mastered from lots of practice at home before the big day! When it was finally time to get the show on the road, we ahh-heed our way to a relatively easy delivery! 5 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing resulted in our beautiful daughter, Viola Grace! Thank you Linda for giving us the tools we needed to have a wonderful birth experience. Viola, Will & Rebecca
  • Thank you Linda for sharing your warmth and knowledge with us. Your class provided a wonderful chance for my husband and I (and our dog!) to connect and relax prior to our son's birth. It made me so excited for the labor process, rather than fearful. The breathing techniques that you taught us have been valuable in many, many ways. When I ended up needing a c-section, my husband and I started doing the breathing together. It calmed me down and helped us focus on each other and the birth of our son, instead of the surgery. Your class made me feel that I could have delivered naturally, so when it was medically necessary to have a section I was not as disappointed. Even now I remind myself to take a few cleansing breaths- during a 3am feeding, at the end of a long day, anytime. Thank you again for giving us a lesson filled with tools and gifts that apply not just to labor, but to life overall.
    Stacey & Mark
  • Johno is great and after a rough nursing start we're still going strong. There was nothing more you could have done to be more helpful. Although in the end I had a scheduled c-section (because he just wouldn't move), I'm so glad we met with you. It really helped to prepare John and me both physically and emotionally for the birth.
    Emily & Johno
  • In California, we experienced this one-day birthing class with a woman by the name of Linda Jenkins. She is extremely knowledgeable and personable. We believe because of the preparation we received from Linda that we were able to have such a positive natural delivery as we had with Sydney. So much so, we decided to fly her to PA and have her spend a day or so with us to give us a refresher class as we prepare for our second baby. She is certainly a one-of-a-kind lady and we are thrilled she is willing to come to us in PA.
    Linda with Sydney, Jess & Mike